Recently I've been working a lot with Karvt on various things including prep for my Solo Art Shows. Karvt is a amazing company to work with so we've decided to team up on some limited edition laser engraved Iphone Skins. These skins are produced on Maple with percise engraved features. Grab one before they go out of stock!

Karvt vs Hydro74 Owl

Flat Fitty teamed up with Revolt Marketing & myself to develop a plan of attack for my recent Solo Show in Memphis. Besides the standard fair of hat samples, we produced a limited edition print to give out. At the end of the show, we barely had that many extras to hold on to. Our friend (Revolt Marketing & I) Ryan from Kangaroo Press had the duties of printing and delivering these prints. The Memphis crowd ate them up. THANK YOU MEMPHIS!! I believe I might have a few popping up in my store soon, but only a handful exsist.

Check out photos from the event on my Facebook Page

After a couple requests as well as nudges by friends on twitter, I decided to post something up at Designed By Humans. I had no goals or use for this piece since it was slightly made for a event flyer for Electrocity, which is basically a one use done and forgotten thing, I rehashed it and added some flair. I'm actually pretty excited about this piece, regardless if it gets printed or not.

Do me a favor, go and vote on this. Like I said, doesn't matter if it gets printed or not, but would love to see some high numbers on this bad boy!
Designed By Humans Hydro Alchemy Owl